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Danziger Gold Vodka

"Nice fresh, quite perky grain with some body and substance. Initial light elegance, rapidly opening up with good, light buttery, lower bass notes, a hint of savoury smokiness, balancing sweetness, while retaining control and freshness. Mellow, controlled with a further release of deep grainy notes and subtle sweetness." (Tasting Notes by Ian Wisniewski).

SILVER MEDAL “Highly Recommended”
Beverage Tasting Institute Chicago
“Clear with small gold floating particles. Cream, vapor, and wet grain aromas. A supple entry lead to a soft, smooth dry, medium-bodied palate with wheat bread, sweet creamy vanilla, minerals, and peppery spice. Finishes with a spicy peppery fade. Nice and spicy.”


Danziger Gold Liqueur

Danziger Golden Orange Flavour Gold Liqueur at a smooth 27% alc/vol is a smoother drink that the leading orange liqueur in the US Cointreau.

"Fresh, ripe and engaging, with a lightly luscious texture and good richer, zesty orange notes with a better balance of flavour to sweetness." (Tasting Notes by Ian Wisniewski)..

BRONZE MEDAL - Beverage Tasting Institute Chicago
GOLD MEDAL - Best New Liquor/Wine at Kosherfest 2003 New York
Seal of Approval - International Spirits Challenge. 2004 London<


Danziger Vodka Cream Liqueur

Danziger Vodka Cream Liqueur is the perfect marriage of premium vodka and vanilla cream. A delicate balance of flavors carefully blended to create a unique taste among cream liqueurs experience danziger vanilla cream and let your imagination flow.

SILVER MEDAL “Highly Recommended”
Beverage Tasting Institute Chicago
Opaque bone white color. Creme Anglaise, custard, faint dried fruit, and white pepper aromas. A round, thick entry leads to a creamy, moderately sweet medium-full body of vanilla bean ice cream and vanilla pudding flavors. Finishes with a long peppery fade of vanilla pudding and minerals.
2006 International Spirits Review


John Ireland Irish Whiskey

John Ireland Whiskey is distilled from the pure clear waters and barley of ireland, gently matured for long years in oak casks resting in aincient warehouses and skillfully blended to create a whiskey of unique character, balance and most of all smothness.

John Ireland Whiskey has a very high malt content and was selected as Ian Wisniewski from a random batch of five samples and deemed head and shoulders above the rest